the prototype is small and extremely light (90kg)

until now, tests have been conducted in Leucate,

once of the best spot in the world

(the wind blows 200 days a year, at least

and in the good direction to not create any wave.)

performances :

It works ! Trials permited to reach the planing mode on foils,

at more than 25 knts.

what’s wrong :

Budget problem of course ! Developpement calls for trials, tests,

hence financial resources (time, time worker, logistic ...).

a new technical partner :

Nautix, a second mast has been custom made (tests pending).

work plan to reach the goal

- developpement of a new self regulated foil system

- new float and foil securing mechanisum

- improve craft’s reliability (beyond 30 knts, anything can happen)

- save weight to improve low wind flying capability

- sail design improvement (with Alain Daoulas / Ecole Navale)

- testing new foils designs (IRENAV)

The association is developping,

since 4 years,

a speed sailing boat

running after

the absolut record,

which is 48,70 nds.

objectif record


9 rue Saint Thomas 22120 Saint René

tél : 06 62 41 73 03